Type Image Price Per Day
BBQ 42

Units have locking double sided pivoting grates of expanded stainless steel. These grates have handles designed to conveniently and safely turn the meat or remove it when the cooking is completed. Removable ash pans make cleanup a snap.

This BBQ Pit features 22" by 40" grates and has a capacity of 40+ pounds.

BBQ 60

Flat Top grills achieve uniform cooking in all conditions with minimal clean up. Grills feature adjustable racks.

The BBQ60 Flat Top grill has a grate size of 22" by 56".

PR 60

Pig Roasters utilize an even distribution of heat swirling around the closed lid for uniform cooking, without burning the meat. Smoke fills the open cavity and under the skin as the fat is rendered down, flavoring the meat in a way unlike any other method. Whole pigs are placed on the rack and the lid is closed and not opened again until the meat is ready.

PR60 uses wood or charcoal.

Tucker Cooker

The Tucker Cooker is easy to use. Using wood or charcoal in the firebox for indirect heat, or in the fully adjustable tray for direct heat, you can cook any way you like. Raise the tray inside the main body all the way up to sear a steak, all the way down for slower cooking, or anywhere in between.


All rentals have a $25.00 cleaning deposit applied upon rental.
Prices are for customer pick-up and return.  Delivery and Pick-up charges are extra.
Rentals during the American Royal, Great American Barbecue, and Lenexa BBQ contest weekends are for a minimum 3 day rental.

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